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  • How to Check for Low Water Pressure

    Having low water pressure can really disrupt the comfort of your home. While some causes of this issue are minor, there are others that require extensive work. The first thing you must do is contact your neighbors to see if they are experiencing a similar problem with their water pressure. If so, the city’s municipal water system might be the blame. You can even check the city water pressure by ...
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  • Tips for Quieting Loud Pipes

    Do you have noisy pipes in your home? Noisy pipes are not only a nuisance, they are also a sign that something might be awry with your plumbing's water pressure. Loud pipes are often caused by what is called “water hammer.” This occurs when the water pressure has accumulated, and thus causes the water to get backed up. The blockage sends a “jolt” to the pipe, which is often quite sudden and ...
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  • Three Ways to Reduce Water Consumption

    We are constantly being encouraged to be smart with our water consumption. Water is a precious resource and wasting it not only hurts everyone in the long run, but can also run up a pretty hefty utility bill at the end of each month. We frequently are contacted by customers looking for ways to help reduce their water consumption, particularly those with older homes and aging plumbing systems. On ...
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  • Be Nice to Your Garbage Disposal This Thanksgiving

    Plumbers frequently prepare themselves for a number of emergency calls both on and immediately following Thanksgiving, many of which involve a garbage disposal. In fact, these two days are some of the busiest of the entire year for our industry. Because pushing plate after plate of leftover food down the disposal can result in clogged drains or jammed motors, there are a few important extra steps ...
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