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Picture of Empty Toilet Paper Roll

Toilet Paper Alternatives

The new highly coveted item on the marketplace: toilet paper. With the rapid introduction of COVID-19, communities panicked, fleeing to grocery stores to stock up on essential goods. Particularly one essential product—toilet paper—initiating a shortage for those that were late to the hoarding trend. Although markets are restocking shelves, those unable to enter during senior hours, or during the early morning rush thereafter, are left with bare, apocalyptic shelves, void of most paper goods.

So, if you are one of the many that are left nearing their last roll of toilet paper, or you have run out completely, here are toilet paper alternatives that won’t harm your plumbing:

Repurpose Paper Goods

That last square of toilet paper doesn’t need to be coveted. Instead, repurpose other paper products. If you are looking for a flushable option, seat covers are your best bet. Although they are thinner than your typical ply, they will meet your need. On the other hand, there are numerous non-flushable substitutes: paper towels, napkins, and tissues. Just remember, these items will cause clogs in your plumbing system if flushed, as paper goods such as these are not manufactured to break down in your plumbing the way toilet paper is created. So, if you choose one of these paper alternatives, make sure you dispose of used products into the trash.

Install A Bidet

Bidets are no new alternative to toilet paper. Throughout Europe, South America, and Asia, bidets are widely used as an effective and environmentally friendly replacement for toilet paper. As bidet’s spray their users clean, toilet paper becomes unnecessary. With bidet installation, you won’t have to worry about the current shortage, or really ever worry about purchasing toilet paper ever again!

Use A Washable Cloth

It is recognized that this is not the most desirable alternative; however, in a pinch, grabbing a washable cloth, rag, or towel will do the job. Washable towels will prove an effective alternative to toilet paper, just ensure you clean each cloth after use.

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