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How to Quiet Water Pipes

Are your pipes making noise, and wondering how to quiet your water pipes?

In order to quiet your water pipes, you should first confirm your water pressure is not too high. High water pressure can cause noise and can be fixed with a valve. You can also wrap noise-canceling materials around pipes or add cushions, such as Nylon or plastic pipe inserts.

Noisy pipes are not only a nuisance, but they are also a sign that something might be awry with your plumbing’s water pressure. Loud pipes are often caused by what is called a “water hammer.”

This occurs when the water pressure has accumulated, and thus causes the water to get backed up. The blockage sends a “jolt” to the pipe, which is often quite sudden and abrupt, occurring in a similar as if you were to slam on your car brakes. This problem is even more alarming when a solenoid-controlled appliance, for example, the washing machine or the dishwasher, gets cut off from the top.

If your plumbing system has not been anchored correctly, the framing might rub against any objects nearby, which is also another cause for some of the noise. Over time, this can create strain on the copper fittings as well as your pipes, which can then become a leak.

Below we dig deeper into how to quiet noisy water pipes:

Use water hammer arrestors

Check to see if your plumbing system has a water hammer arrestor. Most homes should already have these installed, however, it is always good to double-check. These arrestors are attached just above or at the water line and help alleviate some of the water pressure after the tap is turned off.

Check your water pressure

Do you hear the sound of whistling from your pipes? This occurs because the water pressure in the shutoff valve might be too high. It can also happen because it refuses to open all the way. Have a valve to reduce the pressure installed, preferably by the water meter, reducing your water bill and eliminating any potential noise.

Add a cushion to your pipes

Nylon or plastic pipe inserts work effectively to cushion pipes running through framing members.

If you are interested in having a pressure-reducing valve or pipe inserts installed, our licensed and insured Tarrant County Plumber at Hildebrant’s Plumbing Repair can help you determine the appropriate solution for your loud pipes. Contact us to schedule your free estimate today.