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5 Signs You Have A Leaking Pipe

You don’t need to be a plumber to recognize when you have a leaking faucet or that the puddle of water underneath your kitchen sink is suspicious. These leaks are typically simple to repair. The most dangerous leaks are those that you can’t see, the ones hidden from plain sight.

So, we here at Hildebrant’s Plumbing Repair thought it wise to show you all how to identify hidden leaks. Here are the five signs that you have a hidden leak!

#1: Water Bill Spikes

If your water bills mysteriously spike, and you do not have a noted increase in water consumption, you may have a hidden leak. Make sure you hold on to your monthly water bills, so you have records of your average usage and costs. That way, you can recognize when there is an unusual increase.

If you see an unexplained rise in your monthly water costs, contact a professional plumber for leak detection ASAP! An unresolved leak can lead to irreparable damage if left unattended or unrepaired.

#2: Mold

It can take less than two days for mold to develop in a moist environment. If you have wet carpet or drywall, from a leaking pipe, you can develop mold quickly. This becomes a health concern, as mold can lead to respiratory issues and other health implications. If you notice a moldy or musty smell, do not disregard it! You could have mold growing underneath your hardwood floors or eating away at your ceiling.

#3: Wet Spots

If a wet spot or a puddle appears out of nowhere, it’s more challenging to ascertain where the leak is coming from. If water is pooling below your floorboards or in a crawl space, you may notice small wet spots throughout your home. Make sure you investigate any random water sports before cleaning them up.

#4: Hot Spots

This one works in concert with tip #3. If your leak’s origin is a broken hot water pipe, random areas of your floor will feel hotter than others. Since you pay for the fuel that heats your water, these leaks are the most expensive. You’ll want to hire professionals to repair your pipe before you encounter structural damage.

#5: When in Doubt, Check the Water Meter!

Although the above tips are helpful in detecting hidden leaks, the best way to check if you have a water leak is by looking at your water meter.

First, turn off all water appliances in your home. Then, locate your water meter. It is likely installed in front of your home, along the curb. If the unit is digital, you’ll need to pull off the lid and check to see if the number displayed increases as the monitor flashes. If it does, you have a leak.

If the display is analog, look for a small triangle on the unit’s gauge. This is the low-flow indicator. If it’s rotating, a small amount of water is still flowing to your home and a pipe is leaking.

If you suspect you have a leak in your home, give Hildebrant’s Plumbing Repair a call at (817) 668-3665 or fill out an online contact form.