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Signs You Need Sewer Service

We all need a little extra TLC right now. With shelter-in-place orders in full swing, new pressures and stressors arise. And, your plumbing system is experiencing them as well. That’s why we here at Hildebrant’s Plumbing Repair are focusing on educating you all on the signs your sewer line is headed for a breakdown. Here are the 6 signs your sewer needs some professional TLC:

Low Water Levels

If your toilet bowl has inconsistent water levels, your sewer system may be compromised by a severe clog. A professional plumber will need to access your sewer line to locate and remove the blockage, restoring adequate water levels throughout your home.

Hydrojetting is the best way to both remove your clog and prevent future clogs from forming. This drain cleaning technique utilizes an incredibly powerful pressurized water appliance to eradicate any lingering dirt, debris, grease, foreign objects, tree roots, or sticky substances from your piping. This method keeps your piping clog-free for longer than chemical drain cleaners or snaking, as it not only targets the clog, it clears the entire pipe.

Increase In Rodents & Insects

Noticing an increase in rodents and insects in or around your property? You may have a break in your sewer line. When there is a crack in your sewer system, your home humidity skyrockets, making your house the ideal environment for both pests and rodents. Have your sewer line professionally restored to stop the warm fluid from your broken sewer line from accumulating within your home, as this is the source of your increase in humidity.

Foul Odors

Smelling sewage? Your sanitary line is likely cracked. Sewer lines are supposed to be air-tight, so if you are smelling putrid odors, something is not right. Contact a professional technician ASAP!

Pooling Wastewater

If your lawn is unusually lush in areas and patchy brown in others, you may have a sewer line leak, a clog in your drain field, a faulty septic pipe, or a fractured mainline. These malfunctions lead to uneven grass patches, as your sewer line is fertilizing parts of your lawn. If you notice that the grass around your sewer line is greener and lusher than the rest of your lawn, have a professional plumber assess the cause—you’ll likely need pipe repairs.

Slow Drainage

Notice a shift in how your sink, tub, and shower drains? You may have a clog in your mainline. When your sewer line has a blockage, the water within your plumbing network is unable to travel freely. With nowhere to go, the water within your system will back up. This will typically manifest in your home’s lowest drain, as bubbling or pooling wastewater.

What causes a clog in your mainline? Commonly, tree root infiltration, cracks in your piping, and misaligned pipe connections result in a mainline clog. To locate the source of the issue, schedule a video pipe inspection!

Mold Growth

As mentioned above, a broken sewer line increases the humidity within your home, as sewer lines tend to leak warmer fluids. And, when your home becomes humid, it also creates the ideal environment for mold growth.

Mold will appear as spots along floorboards or as a musty odor if mold spores have become airborne. If you notice mold in your home, contact a professional for sewer line repairs and then a mold remediation company to restore your property.

For your sewer line services, contact Hildebrant's Plumbing Repair at (817) 668-3665! We are open for business and have implemented CDC sanitary guidelines to ensure we provide a safe and healthy service environment for both our technicians and our customers. Don’t hesitate to call us with any further questions or to schedule an appointment for sewer line inspection, repairs, or replacement.