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Three Ways to Reduce Water Consumption

We are constantly being encouraged to be smart with our water consumption. Water is a precious resource and wasting it not only hurts everyone in the long run but can also run up a pretty hefty utility bill at the end of each month. We frequently are contacted by customers looking for ways to help reduce their water consumption, particularly those with older homes and aging plumbing systems. On this blog, we explore three suggestions for reducing your water usage.


Showers are one of the biggest water-consumers in every home. Older showers will likely be fitted with an old-style head that forces a lot of water through, resulting in high usage. One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to cut down on water usage is to install an EPA-certified low-flow shower head. These can reduce your average shower consumption by several gallons of water and pay for itself in water bill savings relatively quickly.

Worried about low water pressure? Don’t be. Most of these shower heads are designed to encourage a constant stream while using less water, so you likely won’t even notice a difference.


Do you have a lawn and control over your sprinkler system? Reducing your watering schedule to only twice per week can keep your lawn green and healthy while significantly cutting back on one of the biggest water users in your home. Also, be sure to only water your lawn at night when more water will seep down into the roots of your grass for its intended purpose and less will be lost to evaporation and heat. This is extremely important during the summer months.


If you have an old plumbing system, particularly one that has sprung a leak or two within the last few years, it might be time to do a major piping overhaul on your home. Our skilled technicians can provide you with a host of options that are effective, long-lasting, and durable, including a full copper re-pipe. Replacing your pipes can help prevent a costly pipe burst, which not only wastes a lot of water but does damage to your home as well, including possibly ruining walls and causing major structural damage.

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