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Avoid Using Store-Bought Drain Cleaners

When your sink or shower drain clogs up, you may be tempted to take what is commonly perceived as the “easy” repair solution: a chemical-based solvent that you can easily purchase at a home-improvement store. While these solutions usually can get the job done, they can also create an even worse situation later.

Normally, these chemical solutions are extremely corrosive; they get rid of the clog by eating away at it and causing it to disintegrate until it can be completely flushed away. However, in many cases, the clogs are not the only thing that gets corroded. These chemicals can leave lasting damage to your pipes as well. For thinner or plastic pipes, this can create weak points which can later be the sites of leaks or even pipe bursting if the pipe is occasionally put under pressure.

Additionally, these solutions are usually only temporary. The corrosive chemicals can free up a clog for the time being, but usually, leave remnants of the blockage still stuck to the edge of the pipe. This can catch other debris going down the drain later and cause the clog to return quicker.


A Tarrant County plumber can provide a far better solution to your issue. A plumber will use a number of different techniques that are not only more effective at clearing away the blockage entirely to reduce the chance of it returning, but also won’t harm the integrity of your pipes.

A professional plumber may choose to run a snake, which is a long cord with an auger on the end that drills through the clog and dislodges it. Some plumbers also choose to use hydro-jetting, which blasts high-pressure water at a clog, removing it without damaging pipes.

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