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Advantages of a Camera Inspection

When a drain or toilet clogs in your home, it can be a frustrating experience. On one hand, the particular device that clogs up becomes inoperable without the risk of possibly flooding the basin. On the other hand, repairing the clog and freeing the pipes from blockages can be a difficult and potentially dangerous task if you are not properly trained.

Professional plumbers have the tools and equipment to make the job easy and repair your problem. One such tool is a small, waterproof camera that they can send down your drain or toilet to actually see what’s blocking up your pipes.

There are a number of advantages to this method. Before the invention of these cameras, plumbers and those who wished to unclog their drains really only had the option of potentially dangerous drain-cleaner chemical or running a snake down the drain and jamming away at whatever the blockage is to attempt to dislodge it. While these would occasionally work, this could potentially lead to more serious damage to pipes or other devices that may be impacted by the blockage.

With a camera, plumbers can do what was previously impossible, actually seeing for themselves what is blocking up a pipe. This allows them to diagnose the problem quicker and more efficiently, saving you money and ensuring that the problem is repaired right the first time.

The video devices are so advanced that they are also able to accurately measure and record the location, depth, and size of the blockage and report it back to the plumber. This allows your technician to get to the blockage exactly where they need to with no guesswork.

This also allows plumbers to make sure they don’t damage your pipes with their repair work by potentially breaking a brittle or already-damaged pipe. Ultimately this saves you time, money, and potentially further damage to your home from a burst pipe.

If your home gets a clogged drain, call a skilled Tarrant County plumber and request a video inspection. Whether you are experiencing a root intrusion, slow drain, full-fledged clog, or any other plumbing issue, a video inspection can help you by identifying the problem and making sure it is repaired properly the first time.

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