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Tips for Quieting Loud Pipes

One of the most common causes of loud pipes is water hammer. When the water pressure in your home is high, turning off the tap can result in the pressure to back up and jolt the pipe, similar to slamming on your car brakes. The jolt can be frighteningly loud when a solenoid-controlled appliance, such as a dishwasher or a washer, shuts the tap.

Furthermore, plumbing that isn’t properly anchored to the framing can rub against whatever is within proximity and cause a racket. Continuous banging and jolting can cause pipes and copper fittings to strain, ultimately resulting in a leak.

The following are helpful tips to quiet those loud pipes and avoid a plumbing disaster:

  1. Use water hammer arresters. Many homes are already equipped with water hammer arresters, which are small air chambers connected right above the water line to absorb the water pressure when the water is shut off.
  2. Check your water pressure. Whistling sounds often occur when a shutoff valve fails to open completely or where water pressure is high. If your water pressure is excessively high, having a pressure-reducing valve installed close to the water meter will eliminate the noise and lower your water bill.
  3. Cushion your pipes. Nylon or plastic pipe inserts work effectively to cushion pipes running through framing members.

If you are interested in having a pressure-reducing valve or pipe inserts installed, our licensed and insured plumber at Hildebrant’s Plumbing Repair can help you determine the appropriate solution for your loud pipes.Contact us to schedule your free estimate today.